Sunday, August 9, 2009

As I Love..

I'm me,
I'll do whatever I like,
Thr's none of your bussiness!

You're you,
What you're doing now?
Who cares?!

Rules are rules,
but still,
I'm me.
Why shall I follow you?

Dont ever tell me sth I'd never be interested with,
I want the main idea of your speech,
I hate listening to craps,
Straight to the point!

**Going back to KT nxt week..*winks*

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Special Weekend

Hello everyone!

Last weekend was the best day I've ever experienced since I came to KL..

Guess why?Hehe...

First and for all, I met my very best and dear friend, Pacat a.k.a Chiou Yen! We went to Mid Valley and have a truly great time there. We "lepak" in the mall, she bought many clothes (only 2 la),and surely what we wont miss:FOOD! We ate claypot rice and noodless, ice cream, cheese-cake, roti-boy, egg tarts..*yummy-yummy* Seriously, I dint eat that many since the day I was here..syok!

Besides, pacat treated me that piece of cheese-cake for replacement of my birthday cake.I love you pacat! Thanks!

That night, my brother brought me to cyber cafe and finally I got the chance to online..*I'm lovin it* For sure, I wont miss my beloved game~MapleStory! Well, I dint got a chance to play long but it is really, for the phrase I use very often, half loaf of bread is better than none.

On the Sunday night, we bought durians and of course, I ate a lots!

Last but not least, thank you for all who made my previous weekend meaningful. Love ya all!

Friday, July 24, 2009


Hi all!Now blogging at the computer center in my college.I dont have much things to say.Life is as hateful as normal.If really want me to post about my life,it'll be a copy and paste post from my previous post.Haha.

In the beginning I found that it's quite comfortable living in my luxurious student house, but things dosen't seems to last long.I started to miss my house, mum and dad's cook(I din't regret for NEVER giving any complain about their cook, such as cakes, breads, rice and everything!)

Every night, I hardly fall into sleep just thinking about those mouth-watering foods and dishes.So, I phoned my mum last night, asking her opinion about my plan for homecoming.Actually I've predicted those answers from her, and surely, I scored 100/100 for that.How I wish I could be such success in my test.Sweat!And so the following was our chat:

ME:Hey mum!If I'm planning to back to Terengganu next weekend, should I take a flight or bus?(ask on purpose, maybe she'll pity me then willing to buy plane ticket for me.*Smirk*)

MUM:Huh?!If plane you have to book earlier in order to get cheap tickets.If you take bus then it'll certainly be a long-ride.

ME:Ya lor..(thinking..she's definately thinking what I'm thinking =P)

MUM:Why you want to come home suddenly?

ME:Weekend ma..(sounds selamba)

MUM:So you got holiday yea?

ME:(continue to be selamba) No ar..just weekend..

MUM:Who are you coming home with?

ME:Alone lo..Who else can I bring?(boyfriend meh?!@#$)

Then why you want to come back?It'll be kind of rush then..

ME:(Oi!stop asking nonsense leh)Nevermind if rush, I've prepare to rush here and there.

MUM:So you are coming back for?

ME:(really want me to be straight-forward meh..)I want to go back and EAT!

MUM:(big laugh, she'll surely get chocked if she's eating.Continue to laugh......)

ME:(Cham!I just dropped my own reputation!Don't care already, I'll do as I said if I'm home!So damn shy..Guess my face turned blushy that time..)

Luckily, my brother calling at the same time and I quickly ended our conversation XD*phew*

Before I ended my post, I would like to wish JJ an early Happy Birthday!Enjoy your outing with your friends tomorrow and sorry for I won't be joining.Hehe

TC everyone.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Hi has been a long long time ago that I dint update my blog..Hee..sorry to those who visit my blog frequently..

Anyway..I'm doing OK so far but i miss my friends and family badly =(

You guys are welcomed to call or sms me whenever you're free or IF you miss me as I do..Haha

I got many things to say but it is all about complaining..So i guess I'd better sum up all of that into a sentence..That is..I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

One more thing is..I wish to have a birthday cake for my 18th birthday but it never comes true..Maybe its not that important to some of you but this is my very 1st birthday without a birthday cake!I really mind about this to this day..Am I too obsessed with the cake?Well this will certainly be a big regret in my life..I dont care what you think about this..This is my blog and I'll write whatever I love!

P.S "anyone would like to replace a birthday cake for my 18th birthday?" *sad-ing*

Till then..pen off..see you guys around and wish you all the best in life!And...have a cake for your next or coming birthday..

With lots of love,by lukluk

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I will always love you!

Countdown-ing to the day I'm going to KL..As the "big" day comes nearer..I got more and more blanked..

Having a nice and sweet outing with them yesterday, time flew really fast and we chat about lots of craps!Story from the past, present and future, until we started to gossip bout people including those who I don't even know who are they..LOL

Love you all, sincerely and I swear for the sake of god that "I love you"..Never forget those memories that we passed through together, now and always..

Friendships are eternal..Never let anyone down because when the heart starts to freeze, it breaks easily..There's for no reason a little misunderstanding will ended up a friendship..Everything is about tolerate!

No matter how frequent we meet, or how seldom we talk to each other, everyone will be here, deep inside my heart, a small yet warm corner, that will never be replaced by any other things..


Monday, June 1, 2009


Aloha!~I'm goin KBU le...dont really know how am I feeling..happy?sad?excited?..Nahh,duno means duno..

Yerrrr..So many of u goin UITM,KYUEM n bla bla bla..I solo

By the way..anyone in KL rmb to ajak mie out ar..In case my public relation is sux thr..die gao gao ltr...Haha..

Most important thing now is..MEDICAL CHECK UP!omg...nid blood test.. >.< t =".=">


....sincerely hope tat I can hold my tears for tmr... ... ... ...[speechless][hopeless][moodless](forget bout it)..still hav to do it no matter how much I'm scared or phobia of it >.<

Well,I guess I really hav to overcome tis one..No mood to talk much le..Save energy for tmr!

Ciaoz..c ya round and take care ^.^V

Friday, May 29, 2009


A choo!! dusty here..hahaha..I'm bored but dont hav mood for blogging..

Nth to write here..cuz really story..Oni one word to describe my life SIENZ!


Love is...
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